Radical Cosmetics is a cosmetic manufacturer that stands for inclusivity. As part of our private label division initiative, we will be developing clean beauty formulas for shades of all skin tones, across all of our product lines. As the makeup industry is shifting, we believe in delivering the highest quality products available through research, development and innovation. Through continuous improvement to each of our product lines,  we will be releasing new shades and formulas on a monthly basis so that our collection of products will cater to a wide variety of skin tones. 

In the product category list, you will find six skin tone ranges: DeepRichTanMediumLight, and Fair. The products in each of these categories are suggested products for the skin tone ranges. Please note we use the word suggested since many our product shades work across the majority of the skin tone ranges. 

Since we absolutely love formulating new products and developing new, unique shades, we are beyond excited for what the future holds! - The Radical Cosmetics Team