- Brains In Beauty Profile Interview: Nathalie P., Customer Success Advisor of Radical Cosmetics Private Label Division

Brains in Beauty Interviewed Nathalie P., Customer Success Advisor for Radical Cosmetics Private Label Division. 

Since 2003, Radical Cosmetics has been a leading provider of color cosmetics and skin care contract manufacturing, development and packaging solutions. As a family owned and operated company they take the time to get to know our customers and their specific needs. All of the Radical Cosmetics products are proudly made the USA (Fort Pierce, Florida). They are at the forefront of the Clean Beauty Movement currently happening within the cosmetics industry. The movement is growing exponentially and it’s thanks to health-conscious communities who care about our overall future. With non-toxic ingredients and transparent labeling, the goal is to spread awareness and offerings of safe alternatives for cosmetics manufacturing.

Learn more about Nathalie below, enjoy!

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